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Some examples of nursing care provided in the home are:

Medication management, ostomy care, post surgical care, wound care, bowel and bladder management, helping patients to understanding new disease process or diagnosis, urinary catheter insertion/maintenance, injection, infusion therapy.

Physical Therapist:

Our physical therapist provides our patients with assistance in regaining flexibility, mobility and balance through therapeutic exercises.

Occupational Therapist:

The occupational therapist helps patients return to the routine of daily living by exercising and providing instructions in self care (dressing and bathing), home making, learning to live more fully with a disability and by suggesting ways to adapt the home environment to make remaining at home possible.

Speech Therapist:

Responsible for assessment and treatment of speech and language disorders. Assist physician assessing the clients level of functioning, develops plan of care by applying appropriate test for speech and language disorders.

Social Workers:

Our team assesses and provides community resources to assist with financial concerns and provide counseling and emotional support as the needs arises.

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